Rules & Regulations.



                            RULES AND REGULATIONS


All campers and visitors must register at the office prior to entering the campground.

There will be no exceptions to this Rule. 


Drive SLOW throughout the campground



Campers are responsible for their guests.

(Please make sure that your guests are registered at the office)


All visitors staying after 11:00pm will be charged overnight stay. Visitors are not allowed to bring pets into the campground


Check IN time is 3:00 PM

Check OUT time is 12:00 PM

(Additional charges will be added for anyone staying after 12:00 PM)


Quiet Hours 11PM-8AM


In order to provide a more enjoyable stay,

the following rules must be adhered to:


Intoxicated Or Indecent Language

Will Not Be Tolerated.

All Violators Will Be Asked To Leave

Without Refund

Anyone Under The Influence Of Drugs Must 

Leave The Campground Immediately.

Camp Charles Campgrounds Is Not 

Responsible For Fire, Theft, Personal Injury, Or

Act Of Vandalism To Any Camping Unit Or

Personal Property.

Please See That Your Valuables Are

Properly Secured.

Parents Are Responsible For The Actions Of

Their Children And Guests.

  • All radios must be off between quiet hours.
  • During day light hours radios must be kept at a level that does not disturb other campers.
  • No cutting of trees, shrubs, or plants, No dragging dead trees out of woods.
  • No spotlights, electric heaters, clotheslines, chainsaws (electric or gas) are permitted.
  • Bug lights, zappers, or other outdoor electrics are not permitted.
  • Prior to building or repairing an existing deck, or any other changes to your site please notify management.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool.
  • All children must be at their sites by 11:00pm.
  • Children must wear approved bicycle helmets when riding bicycles. 
  • No bicycle riding after dark.
  • Only one picnic table and one fire ring per campsite. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS.
  • No rollerblades, skateboards, or scooters are allowed.
  • No firearms of any type or fireworks are permitted on the campgrounds.
  • All sites must be kept clean & free of clutter.
  • Only two sets of patio lights are permitted.
  • Please turn off all lights when you retire for the evening.
  • No swimming in the lake.
  • Only one camping unit per campsite.
  • No washing of vehicles in the campground.
  • In accordance to Camp Charles Insurance Regulations, starting in 2001, No Vicious breed dogs will be permitted in the   campground. This includes: Pit Bulls, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinchers, Akitas, and any other breed that has mixed wolf. 
  • Only one dog allowed per site and must be kept on a leash and quiet at all times. 
  • Dogs must never be left unattended. Please clean up after your dog. 



Golf carts permitted by seasonal use only. Additional charge for electric powered golf carts. 

  A new insurance certificate must be supplied to Camp Charles at the beginning of a new season. 

No open alcohol permitted on golf carts at any time.

Campfires must be out upon retiring for the evening and must be kept under adult supervision at all times.

No bottles, cans, or any other items permitted in the fire pits. 

Smoking is not permitted in any public buildings except the Recreation Hall in designated areas.

Firewood: No one is permitted to bring firewood into the campground. Firewood is available for purchase at the front office.





Alcoholic beverages prohibited inside game room.





Thank You


happy camping!