1077 Blue Mountain Drive

Bangor, PA 18013

Camp Charles Rules and Regulations

The following rules are meant to keep everyone’s safety and enjoyment in mind. Please keep in mind this is a business. We as management want to keep everyone happily fulfilled and safe during their time visiting Camp Charles Campground. Most if not all of the following are based on common sense. Remember, this is a family campground. Please abide and enjoy your time with us.

Speed limit:

Speed limit throughout the campground is 5MPH. This is for cars and golf carts. Keep everyone safe.

Camping and visitors:

All campers must check in at the office and register.

All visitors must check in at the office and let management know who you are visiting and for how long.

Charges will be assessed accordingly.
Day rate $6/adult,$4/child under 15yrs.
Overnight $12/adult, $9/child under 15yrs.

Visitation hours are from 8:00am to 11:00pm. All day visitors must leave the property by 11:00pm.

No visitors will be allowed to enter the campground after 9:00pm unless arrangements are made with management.

Key cards are only for use by the seasonal family they were issued to. Seasonals with gate cards are not permitted to allow their guest into the property with their card. Abuse of this rule will result in a warning and then removal from the campground. No exceptions

Respect your neighbors. Do not walk through or mingle on an other's campsite unless invited and permission is given to do so.

Allow gate to come to a complete stop before proceeding through. In or out.

Motorcycles are not permitted in the campground

Quiet Hours

11:00 pm through 8:00am are quiet hours. At this time radios, stereos, karaoke, I-devises, etc. have to be turned off. Also be aware of campfire talk. Keep it low, your neighbors are trying to sleep.

Abuse of the quiet hours rule will result in removal from the campground.

Music must not disturb other campers during non-quiet hours. Be respectful of you neighbors.

Swimming Pool

No Diving, No running or horseplay, No glass containers.

Life saving devices are to remain in place until they are needed.

Attire/swimsuits must be appropriate for a family atmosphere. If pool wear is deemed too revealing and or offensive you will be asked to change into clothing more appropriate. (No Thongs)

Children under 15yrs of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult capable of supervision.

Other rules are posted at the pool.

Campfires and fire rings

Campfires are specifically that, campfires. If flames are over chest high, this is now a bonfire which are not permitted.

No burning of plastic, bottles, cans, plywood, construction material, treated lumber or garbage. Firewood only.

Fires must be out before retiring for the evening

Fire rings must not be used as a garbage receptacle when leaving after your stay. No boxes or debris left behind.

Do not move fire rings.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are for seasonal campers only. Certificates of insurance mentioning Camp Charles as dually insured must be on file at the office.

No open containers of alcohol permitted at any time in golf carts.

Posted speed limits must be observed. 5MPH.

All golf carts must be parked after 11:00pm. See management for exceptions.

All drivers of golf carts must have a drivers license.


Children 12 and younger must wear an appropriate helmet when riding a bicycle.

Children under 16 are not permitted to ride bicycles through the parking lot. Bike racks are provided close to the office, bathroom and game room.

No bicycle riding after dark.

Game room

No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the game room.


No foreign objects in camper septic tanks or portajons. These include feminine products, personal wipes, paper towels, clothing, etc. These items will clog and harm the pump.

If it is determined the above items are being flushed into a campers septic holding tank, the camper will be responsible for future cleanouts.

Please use a chemical that breaks down solids in your tank.

Water: (Campground water is supplied by onsite wells. A municipal water supply is not an option at Camp Charles)


Minimal use of water can be used to clean campers and decks.

No watering of grass. Plants only with minimal use.

No washing of vehicles.

Kiddie pools are limited to 15 gallons or less.

All leaks and drips to hose bibs need to be brought to managements attention. Pay attention to all water connections inside and outside of your camper.

Trash and recyclables

Dumsters are for trash that is accumulated during a stay at the campground. No grills, furniture, construction debris, rugs, tires, mattresses, lawn equipment, etc. Take these items home with you or directly to the dump.

Recycling dumster is for broken down cardboard, cans, bottles, newsprint, magazines. Nothing bagged, it must be loose.


All children are the responsibility of parent or guardian.

Children 17 yrs and younger must be at their campsites by 11:00pm.

Prohibited actions and items

No fireworks or weapons of any kind at any time on campground property.

No roller skates/blades, skateboards or scooters allowed. Battery operated wheeled toys must be kept at your site.

No radio controlled airplanes, vehicles or drones are permitted.

No cutting of trees or downed limbs.

No chainsaws, bug zappers, clotheslines, spotlights. This includes the use of flood lights.

No swimming in the pond.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted in the office/store.

No pets in the office/store.

No electric heaters of any kind. Water or space heaters.

Shirt and shoes must be worn in the store.

Lights must be turned off before retiring for the evening.

Sites must be kept clean.

Only one camping unit per site.

Two dogs maximum per site. Always leashed or in camper. No excessive barking. Clean up after your pet and make sure children do the same if they are walking them

Use garbage receptacles for your trash. No cigarette butts on the ground. Bottles, cans, wrappers and food are not to be thrown on the ground or left behind.

Recycling dumpsters can not contain bagged items. Loose materials only. If you are unsure throw it in the garbage.

Guests are the responsibility of the person they are visiting. Any incidents involving guest reflects on you.

No lewd activity or language will be tolerated within the campground. This includes the pool, game room and Rec-Hall.

No Smoking or pets in the rental units.

Smoking in the Rec-hall is permitted only in designated areas.

The use and or possession of illegal drugs as defined by the State of Pennsylvania is prohibited.

As owners and former campers, we realize that camping should bring many expectations and good times. We have our own ideas in mind to deliver that to all of you.
Please respect these rules and regulations, we love having you here.

NOTICE: This property is privately owned. The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he does hereby release the Campground, its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his person arising out of his use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.